In Indonesia, full of exotic places that have not been published outside world, placesfull of mystery that has not been answered scientifically, one of the attractions it is a lake called Lake Kaco, this lake is located, in the Kerinci Seblat National Park(TNKS) Kerinci regency, Jambi Indonesia. 

Charming natural beauty, the cool air, clear water and fresh, covered by many question marks about the mysteries contained in the lake has an area of 30 x 30 meters. Lake is so far not in the know how its depth, although already done depth measurements. Despite having the depths of water that is not measurable, but the bottom of the lake can be seen clearly. This in because the water is so crystal clear lake.

According to the stories of local residents and some members of nature lovers who've been to the lake, fish in the lake can only be captured by using a fishing rod.
If you only use the other tools do not expect to get the fish. There have been a local resident who installed a net to catch fish in the lake, but none of the fish to come by.
Even more interesting again, for anglers who want fishing at the lake, they must have good intentions. If not, then people will not get fish. In addition, the number of catchesalso depend on the intentions anglers.If anglers want to fish five tail intention, then the fish are found only five tail while fishing alone.

Legends circulate about the lake kaco story, the light coming from the bottom of the lake kaco, a diamond of light stored in the bottom of the lake. The diamond, formerlykept by the King Crow, who was in power at that time.
According to the story of village elders, who saved the king of diamonds at the bottom of the lake kaco ravens are diamonds and gold deposit which is the bond promisesprinces who want to apply for the king's daughter named Princess Crows Across marl.Somehow all the applications that go to the princess in Kerinci received the KingCrow, he finally received a confusion which,
Across marl daughter is known to have a very pretty face, so he was well liked by theyoung men of that era. Even her beauty he also loved his own father.
King Crow carried off her daughter along with gold and diamond jewelry that is deposited by the princes as a sign of promise, and store gold and diamonds in thebottom of the lake.